Grants to Increase Farm Productivity for the East Peak Area

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The East Peak LEADER programme can offer grants for projects which meet one or more of the priorities listed below. There is a strong emphasis on economic growth and job creation in the programme therefore all projects must directly support the rural economy or contribute significantly to improving the local economy:

  • Support for increasing farm productivity
  • Support for micro and small businesses (non-agricultural) and farm diversification
  • Support for rural tourism
  • Support for culture and heritage activities
  • Provision of rural services
  • Support for increasing forestry productivity

Grants are available for:

  • Projects to improve the overall performance and sustainability of an agricultural holding
  • Investments to support animal health and welfare improvements
  • The processing, marketing and development of agricultural products
  • Minimum grant available £5,000, maximum grant usually £40,000 capped at 40% of the project’s total eligible costs.

Costs could include:

  • Equipment and machinery to improve the efficiency of the use of energy, water, fertiliser and other direct inputs
  • Investments to improve the management of slurry and manures to reduce the reliance on artificial fertiliser
  • Investments to mechanise production and increase productivity
  • Equipment and machinery to improve the monitoring of the consumption of animal feed and water
  • Equipment to improve animal welfare
  • Investment in equipment, technologies or processes to develop new or higher quality agri-food products or to reduce waste
  • Construction or conversion of building (see exemptions)
  • Investments in the production, processing and marketing of non-timber forest products
  • Investments in collaborative grain processing facilities

Call 01226 763201 to discuss your project idea, check your eligibility and request an Expression of Interest form.

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